cyber crime scenes 2

A small-town police department has realized that cyber crime can now happen anywhere. They have hired you to produce a guide that they can use to train their first responders and detectives. You will provide a Microsoft Word document of 6-8 pages that addresses the following points:

  • Outline the roles of the first responder and detectives at the scene of a crime where computer-based evidence may be present.
  • Describe the similarities and differences between the scene of a cyber crime arrest and that of a typical street crime. For example, compare how evidence is detected, documented, and examined.
  • Provide a list of basics do’s and don’ts, assuming that the officers consulting your guide may not be experts in computers. How should a suspect computer be handled at the scene, for instance? What other types of digital evidence might be important, besides a computer?
  • Discuss the importance of chain of custody and show how faulty chain of custody can affect an investigation.
  • Explain the conditions that would require the detectives to obtain a warrant before proceeding further.

Throughout the guide, be sure to utilize proper terminology.