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DD: Unit 2:  Topic 1: Define and Describe Your Foreground and Background Information
The PICOT question from unit 1 was: In patients with ventilation associated pneumonia, will evidence-practice methods such as hand hygiene help in reducing the spread in nosocomial infection?

In Unit 1 you identified a PICOT question. Using the same question, rewrite the question for your peers and define the difference between foreground and background information as it relates to your PICOT question. Also, provide a general overview on what evidence is available.

PICOT Question:  For undergraduate BSN  nursing students – does the amount of time spent in clinical simulation (no simulation versus up to 50% simulation)  prior to graduation impact success on the NCLEX? 

Background information -What is clinical simulation? When is clinical simulation used in BSN programs? Where does clinical simulation occur? 
I would then look to textbooks and expert opinion to find the answers to these broad questions and cite my sources. These questions can be answered without looking to the research. 

Foreground information: Does the type of simulation (low vs. high fidelity) affect student clinical performance? How does the amount number of occurrences of clinical simulation affect program outcomes and NCLEX pass rates? Does the type of simulation scenarios (preprogrammed or on the fly) used impact outcomes? Has clinical simulation been used to replace actual bedside clinical time? 
These questions build upon the background questions and will require looking at the research to obtain the answers. These are the searchable, answerable questions we need the research base to answer.  If you cannot find answers to these types of questions, perhaps there is limited or no research on the topic.