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1) Describe the Defense Acquisition Board and its role in acquisitions.

STUDENT 1 : Mike

The Defense Acquisition Board consists of senior leader entities in the acquisition department of the Department of Defense. They key people include the Joint chiefs of staff, the secretaries of all military branches, different department secretaries of defense, and directors of several different acquisition departments. These individuals sit at the top approval authority for major defense programs for the DoD. They also will approve programs that are special interests for the DoD that are may be complex, need a huge commitment of resources, or if a critical program that is needed. It also is used if the contract or service affects all branches of the military.

One major defense acquisition program that I was directly involved in was the acquisition of the Stryker armored fighting vehicles for the U.S Army. This huge contract affected the U.S Army in a very drastic way with hundreds of millions of dollars spent introducing this program into the Army. The Defense acquisition board had picked General Dynamics based out of Canada to create this new armored fleet. This contract transformed four brigades into Stryker brigades and costs millions to transform units to conform to the new parameters. This also meant that new equipment training that incorporated the DOTMLPF steps was also established amongst the ranks. Facilities needed to be retrofitted to conduct maintenance on the vehicles and new training areas needed to be constructed to test and use the vehicles. Overall this program because of its grand scale was left up to the Defense Acquisition Board to approve.


STUDENT 2: Kaitlin

The Defense Acquisition Board is an advisory board for defense acquisitions in the Department of Defense of the United States of America. The Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics is the chair of the board. On the advisory board is the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Service Secretaries (secretary of the Air Force, Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of the Army), and a number of Under Secretaries of Defense. The board is important for the Defense Acquisition System because they deal with projects that have will have a big impact on the Department of defense. This includes new tanks, fighter aircraft, or C3 systems. So, basically anything that will impact multiple branches or cost a lot of money goes to the Defense Acquisition Board. TheOverarching Integrated Product Team (OIPT) supports the Defense Acquisition Board. It initiates communicates and validates issues before the DAB meets The Defense Acquisition Board is the principal review forum enabling the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (USD (AT&L)) to fulfill 10 USC Chapter 144 responsibilities concerning Acquisition Category (ACAT) I Programs.

I have not personally had the opportunity to work with the Defense Acquisition Board or heard of anyone who has had that opportunity. However, I believe that it would be a great opportunity. I probably do not have enough rank right now to get that opportunity yet. Honestly until this course I had never heard of the Defense Acquisition Board until this course.

Have a god day class.


The Defense Acquisition Board is another level of review for acquisition programs. Specifically, the “DAB is the senior-level defense forum for advising the USD(AT&L) on critical issues concerning ACAT ID programs. (Brown, 2010) The need for the board stems from 10 USC Chapter 144 where Congress mandated that the Secretary of Defense review major defense acquisition programs (MDAP). This responsibility is delegated to the under secretary of defense for acquisition, technology, and logistics. Brown also explains that the result of a DAB review is a decision from the USD(AT&L), documented in an Acquisition Decision Memorandum.

So, let’s move on to explain the role of a DAB in acquisitions. After thorough research I was able to find an Audit Report from the office of the DOD Inspector General regarding the Defense Acquisition Board Review Process. This report detailed the role the board fulfills and also the processes it follows when doing so. The reviews of the DAB ensure that a program is ready to proceed into more advanced stages of development or production before receiving [USD(AT&L)] approval and that the proposed program plans for subsequent stages are consistent with sound acquisition management practices. (Audit Report, 1994) The DAB is comprised of many high level senior leaders with experience in many different aspects of defense programs. Convening a team with this experience and background ensures major defense acquisition programs are being held to the highest level of scrutiny. The board also convenes and provides feedback and approvals between each milestone of the acquisition program as well to ensure oversight of each stage of the process.




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