Difference between Kant and Lockes views on epistemology and what questions would you ask ? 250 word response

This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about Kant or Locke’s views on epistemology. Try to word your questions so that they’re more than just “What did Locke think about X?” Instead explain the issue you’re having and the question you’d like addressed.


“I’m having a hard time understanding why Locke would only pick 2 categories like primary and secondary, rather 3 or more categories. It seems like having an additional category for the property of objects might be useful. Properties that are in the objects themselves, properties that entirely depend on us, and properties that are reliant on us, but also depend on some property that exists in the object whether we’re here or not. So weight would be a property that is objective, ie in the object itself, joyful would be a property that exists only because I feel a particular way about it, and color would be a property that both depends on someone like me with color vision, and the wavelength of light that bounces off the object. Does that make sense to anyone else?”