Discuss the relationship between lombroso and Stoker and the concept of the atavist

Discuss the relationship between Lombroso and Stoker and the concept of the Atavist.

  1. Why are determinism, positivism and organismic infection crucial to the pathological perspective?
  2. Can you see evidence in popular culture of Sheldon’s somotypes and stereotypes? How so?
  3. Discuss the Buck v. Bell Case using the critiques of the pathological perspective.
  4. What could be alternative explanations for the discrepancy in the lives of the Kallikak offspring?
  5. Why don’t we categorize serial killers using the classical perspective?
  6. Discuss your perception of eugenics?
  7. Of the disadvantages of the pathological model, which do you find to be the most problematic?
  8. Which somatype are you?
  9. Does this website take into account deviance in the conclusion of the quiz? How so?
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