Disney Movies, Identify Themes,What aspects of culture and socialization does it show/teach kids ?

I already have work done some work, but the professor ask that:

The area to work on is the connection with our class material. Since this prompt is about socialization there are two key areas to be sure to cover: 1. how these shows influence the content of socialization i.e. the components of culture that these shows teach children and 2. how these shows affect the process of socialization, i.e. how we acquire that culture.

I really need someone to fulfill what he is looking for to add to what I already have. Please be detailed and thorough apply sociological terms and theories that relate to the topics I’ve learned.

The Assignment Question:

Briefly summarize any 3 Disney Movies (i.e The Lion King, Cinderella, Pocahontas). What themes do you identify as dominant terms of messages being given to children? What aspects of our culture do these movies show teach to children and what aspects of socialization do you see in these shows?

Thorough application to sociology is absolutely necessary. All outside sources will need citations. Around 2-4 Double Spaced. Referring to textbook is not necessary. The goal is to answer the question,integrate class material in support, and answer shows mastery of subject.

Topics we learned in class:

– What is sociology

– Cultures

– Groups & Networks

– Socialization

– Social Stratification

– Race and Ethnicity

– Gender

– Capitalism and Economy