dissociation and questions

Review Chapters 9 & 10, which discusses groups, teams, leadership and conflict.

Think of a group or team you belong to now or at some point during your life. What was that group or team, and what made that group/team effective? What made that group/team ineffective (Review Chapter 9, pages 235-241)? What role did you play in the group (Review Chapter 9, pages 244-246)? For you, what are the advantages and disadvantages of being in a group or team (Review Chapter 9, pages 242-244)? Chapter 10 discusses leadership. In your group/team experience, what type and style of leader did the group have (Review Chapter 10, pages 267-271)? How did that leader and his/her (even if YOU are the leader!) leadership style impact the group’s dynamics? Share your experiences and draw upon the textbook’s content.

Respond to this discussion question (worth 10 points).

Respond to two other people’s responses (worth 10 points).