Dominant thinking to opression , a seperate social location presentation?

Part one- How does the dominant thinking contribute to oppression and how will
structural practice or liberation thinking impact Social Work as a profession?

– please make atleast two power point slides, the paper part does not have to be too big , two pages should be fine,

-kindly add reference with page no on the bottom of slides

part two on seperate paper and some power point slides, please use some visual pictures to show social location-

– socially locate yourself, personally & professionally, in relation
to the ‘rasism’.

1. Reflect on your social location and consider your
narrative/intersectionality/privilege/oppression, etc.

2. Each individual group member will present their personal & professional
learning in relation to their “ism”.

3. Identify future considerations in your practice with the ‘racism’-Be specific and
support your ideas with critical reflection

4. Identify key learning goals for your entrance to the social work profession.
The goals will be related to your learning in previous assignments

5. Questions to consider:

a. Who do you bring to the practice/profession of social work with your
learning about the “racism” at the end of the first term

b. What is the same or different about you and the ‘racism’?

c. How do you relate to the “racism” now-identify new learning-both
d. What are the gaps in the ethics that you would address in working
with the ‘racism’?

NOTE- this is my presentation , so for part second kindly use my” who am “, and ” racism”i document i am going to upload. kindly use articles names given below for this portion specifically to relate to my social location

1. Teaching your own racism

2.hulko article

3.Mind the overlap in multiple categorization.

Kindly read the who am I paper to find my social location, kindly answer all parts of assignment , please do not forget my topic is about racim/ colorism, kindly clarify with me if any question if having hard time answering questions about me,

do not forget to include that how my thinking have changed after taking course in regards to racism , oppresion, prevlidge, etc, To answer this part kindly read my who am I paper becoause i wrote it before taking social work so it will help to cosider the learnings and chages now.

please please make visual power point slides of my social location