Due Process

  1. What are the goals and objectives of sentencing? Discuss each. Are these goals consistent or inconsistent with each other?
  2. What is sentencing disparity and why does it exist? What can be done to reduce sentencing disparity?
  3. What are sentencing guidelines? Discuss some of its features.
  4. What is blended sentencing? Give its variations. Are you in favor of or against it?
  5. Give an overview of the types of legal liabilities to which police officers may be exposed in connection with their work.
  6. What two elements are needed for civil cases under Section 1983 to succeed? Explain what each means.
  7. What is the public duty doctrine? Explain its main exception.
  8. What is the good faith defense in Section 1983 cases? How does it differ from the good faith defense in state tort cases?