Easy Annotated bibliography

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    Your topic for this assignment:(1) Argue either gaming CAN change the world or gaming CAN’T change the world(2) Use an additional topic that is a world issue (such as poverty or obesity, etc.) to illustrate your gaming argument.You must research both gaming and your world issue example. The sources you select for your Annotated Bibliography will include information on both.

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    Annotated Bibliography – Assignment Guidelines

    Your Annotated Bibliography should include:5-6 sources. Each source should be followed by an annotation of 3-10 sentence. MLA format. You may alphabetize the sources or synthesize the sources (synthesized sources will be grouped by category and it is permissible to use subheadings).The sources should be carefully selected so that both sides of an issue are represented.Annotations should be a summary (not YOUR opinion) of the author’s points. Show how the source might be biased. Also, show how this source fits into the big picture of the overall conversation on your topic.Don’t plagiarize!! In rare instances, it might be necessary to use quotation marks to show where quoted words start and stop.