EDMG320 Week 4

Please answer the following in complete sentences and paragraphs. Each question is worth 20 points and should be two to three well-written paragraphs in length and guided by APA format.

1. Broadly explain the nature of floods in terms of the physical and climatic factors that underwrite them.

2. Does urbanization and deforestation increase the incidence or otherwise severity of flooding action? How so?

3. Discuss and provide examples of flood protection measures. Is it possible to flood proof facilities and dwellings to heighten structural protection?

4. Discuss droughts as hydrological hazards and clearly differentiate the different types of droughts. What are the attendant causes of such droughts?

5. As a polar-opposite to the hydrological hazard of flooding …. Discuss how a community can protect against the effects of drought and provide clear examples of how communities in drought-prone areas do so.

Please No Plagiarism……

APA format and APA intext citations .