EDU 697 week 6 Assignment


Ashford 7: – Week 6 – Final Project


Final Project

Read this document thoroughly and refer to it often while you’re developing your Final Project.
You will submit one document for your Final Project, which will be written in Microsoft Word. This document will include the 6 items noted below.

Appropriate front and back matter (Title Page,      References, etc.)  The narrative (“discussion”) that meets Requirements 2      and 3 below  A link to your web-based ePortfolio  Appropriate headings per APA to indicate transitions      among sections  A succinct, well-organized introduction  A succinct, well-organized conclusion 

 Write in a formal tone showing your best academic writing ability.
Note that References for your Final Project document need only pertain to the text in the document and not all citations in the ePortfolio.

The purpose of the Final Project is to use instructional design principles and theory to construct an electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) that aggregates redesigned prior coursework. At a minimum, your ePortfolio will demonstrate attainment of the 8 MATLT Program Learning Outcomes. The overarching goal of the ePortfolio is that you showcase your learning from the MATLT program in a consolidated, web-based format that can easily be shared with anyone: colleagues, potential or current employers, friends, family members, etc.

There are numerous ways you might approach the creation of your ePortfolio. The ePortfolio might be as basic as a series of graphical hyperlinks to activities that demonstrate each PLO. You might choose to utilize a cohesive narrative via Glogster or a video narrative of activities using Voicethread. It can be as advanced as a blog, such as Blogger, with a narrative and reflection on each activity included on individual posts. You might also use an actual website such as Google Sites that tells the story of your educational journey and value of your MATLT degree personally and in the labor market.

The ePortfolio is your chance to shine and show what you know and are able to do in the practice of teaching and learning with technology!

You will submit a link to your Final Project in the Week 6 Discussion for preliminary feedback by peers and the instructor before the final due date. The earlier you submit in the discussion, the more opportunity for input.

Your Final Project will be graded on how well it creates an effective digital web presence. The following items will be evaluated:

At least one artifact that represents mastery of each      PLO  Use of APA for style and formatting  Inclusion of all 6 items per paragraph 2 above  Level of academic writing ability 


Create a web-based ePortfolio that includes redesigned      activities from prior MATLT coursework to demonstrate your competency with      the 8 Program Learning Outcomes.

Be as creative as you desire to meet or exceed the       basic requirements.  Create an educationally sound project using       instructional design principles and theory while exemplifying ethical       uses of technology.  Incorporate such features as universal design, media       copyright/citation, etc.  Address each Program Learning Outcome in your       ePortfolio; if a single activity demonstrates multiple outcomes, make       sure you indicate that in your narrative.  The narrative portion needs to indicate in a cohesive,       logical manner how each assignment demonstrates attainment of the       outcomes. 

 The 8 Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) stated in the Ashford University catalog for academic years 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012 are as follows:



Demonstrate knowledge and skills   related to learning using technology.



Demonstrate knowledge and skills   in current and emerging instructional technologies.



Design learning opportunities that   apply technology-enhanced instructional strategies to support the needs of   all learners.



Apply research to support learning in a   technology-enhanced environment.



Exemplify ethical practices of   technology usage.



Evaluate technology resources to   facilitate effective assessment and evaluation.



Utilize technology to collect and   analyze data, interpret results, and communicate findings.



Demonstrate the ability to make   informed decisions regarding the use of technology in support of learning and   leadership.

Rank and discuss the importance of each Program      Learning Outcome to your individual work setting.


From first to last, rank each PLO regarding its       importance to you as an educator or potential educator.   Discuss how you use (or don’t use) each PLO in your       work setting.  Explain why you ranked this PLO in this particular       order, and its value to you in your learning environment or your       position. 

For example, if you are a training manager, you might choose PLO 8 as the most important PLO: As a decision-maker, you rely on technology to meet your organization’s objectives. Likewise, you may also choose PLO6 as the second most important outcome, because your job responsibilities focus on evaluation and assessment.

NOTE: If you are unemployed or otherwise do not work in a teaching capacity, you can either (a) use a previous work center, or (b) imagine the perfect work center (e.g., your dream job) and use that fictional work center to rank and discuss each PLO. 

Discuss the design and development challenges you      experienced while creating this ePortfolio and how you overcame those      challenges. 

  If you feel that you did not face any challenges       during your design/redesign: 

Please state there were no        challenges and clearly support this statement a discussion of the        details.


   Reflect and think deeply        about your design / redesign process and offer a detailed narrative of        how the process excelled.

  Discuss the challenges encountered while meeting       requirements for your ePortfolio. Examples of challenges include:

   Choosing a specific        technology to showcase your learning  Difficulty ranking the PLOs  Finding creative ways to        display your newly learned skill sets  Tying together concepts and        theories into one cohesive digital collection   Getting started Explain how you resolved or worked around those       challenges. The below examples map to the examples listed directly above, and include:

You became proficient in        Jing, so you used that technology  You linked PLO’s to your job responsibilities         Internet searches uncovered        new ways to utilize your talents  Peer collaboration produced        ways to effectively consolidate multiple concepts and theories in one        package  ePortfolio examples sparked        cognitive thought Create a separate heading per APA for this section 


Submit a word document containing a link to your Final      Project through the Week 6 Final Project Assignment Submission Button on      or before the due date.

     Reminder: You will submit a link to your Final Project in the Week 6      Discussion for preliminary feedback by peers and the instructor before the      final due date. The earlier you submit in the discussion, the more      opportunity for feedback! Post questions about the Final Project in the Ask Your      Instructor discussion and check there frequently for answers to peers’      questions that may assist you. Consider and integrate feedback received from      classmates and the instructor given during this course and especially      during the Week 6 Discussion before final ePortfolio submission. Carefully review the Grading Rubric to understand what      is expected for a “Distinguished” performance for each of the expected      criteria of the Final Project. 

 Examples to consider!

These examples are MATLT EDU697 Final Projects available on the web. The examples do not reflect the current assignment instructions, but may serve as examples to you for inspiration for design and formatting of your Final Project. In other words, these are provided for inspiration and are not intended to be prescriptive in terms of exactly what you can or need to do with your Final Project.

Blogger Example – MATLT portfolio
Livebinders Example -Masters of arts in teaching and learning with technology portfolio
Wikispaces Example – Masters of teaching and learning with technology (MATLT) portfolio
Yolasite Example – Welcome to my portfolio website!

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.