eng 1102 more sight and sound in poetry

Because the powerpoint has 15 slide and it is more than 50MB so I will give you later.

After looking at the PowerPoint, More Sight and Sound in Poetry 2020, I would like you to findat least THREE cultural allusions in Langston Hughes’ poem, “Theme for English B.” These will be items that he assumes his reader “knows” and “understands” without having to say everything there is to say about them. Consider the way we unpacked Robert Lowell’s “For the Union Dead” as an example. After defining these three cultural allusions, make a short statement about who you think Hughes’ intended audience is.

For “The Jabberwocky,” choose three of the nonsense words Carroll uses and give them an English definition. For instance, what might “vorpal” mean? Then tell how your definition of these three words complements the meaning of the poem.