ENG100 Answer the 4 questions in a combined paragraph

1st section:

  • Recall what you wanted to do when you “grew up.” List 3 – 5 careers. (pilot, cop, doctor, teacher)
  • What inspired those interests? my grandfather is a pilot, cops from movies, (Doctor because highly paid, because of one of my teacher )

2nd section:

  • Are you still exploring those early career interests? (No)
  • Why or why not? (write any reason and also day I found myself more in finance)

3rd section:

Google one of your current career interests and “company.” Identify one company connected to that career interest. Look up an entry-level job with that company. Write about what you found through your research.

4th section:

Write about three ways you could explore that company/career path.

Write all 4 section in paragraph form