English 4 : Module 01 : Lesson 10 Intro: Macbeth: The Power of Words , English homework help

Step 2: Setting Interpretation

Choose one of the scenes from Macbeth that you have previously studied in this course and locate or create an image that shows a fitting setting for that scene. In a response of at least five sentences, explain why you chose the image. Use examples from the play and the image to support your reasoning. Include the scene and the image along with your response.

Sometimes those clues appear directly as stage directions in a script. For example, Shakespeare included the following specific set clues in Macbeth:
ACT I, Scene I – [An open Place. Thunder and Lightning]
ACT III, Scene I – [Forres. A Room in the Palace.]
ACT III, Scene V – [Thunder.]
ACT IV, Scene I – [A dark Cave. In the middle, a Caldron Boiling]

ACT V, Scene I – [Dunsinane. A Room in the Castle]