essay 3 advertising and responsibility

Notes for Completing this Assignment:

  1. Choose an issue and imagine that you are explaining the environmental, social, political, or cultural issue to someone who has never heard or learned about it. You need to give background information with the help of academic sources. You must describe the situation/issue and explain why people should care about it.
  2. Choose an advertisement that makes a statement about this situation/issue. This could be a print advertisement or a commercial.
  3. Make a claim (thesis) that is supported by your advertisement. Then clearly support your claim with evidence from your advertisement (Minor Assignment 3 will help you with this).
  4. Explain why this issue is important and why people should pay attention to it and to the claim made by the advertisement.


  • This essay should be between 1000-1200 words.
  • You should use one-inch margins, 12-pt. font, double-spacing, a title, the correct header, and page numbers.
  • Your advertisement is one source, and you should find two to three additional sources that discuss your topic to help you in your essay. You may find sources that discuss the company/organization that created the advertisement, sources that discuss the public reaction to the advertisement, sources about your current issue/situation, etc.
  • You must have a Works Cited page, and you must also cite all your sources in your essay.