Essay: Causal Reasoning ( Cause and effects ). on [ Teenage pregnancy. ]

TOPIC: Teenage pregnancy: Obviously, we ALL know how somebody becomes pregnant, but why do you think so many young people have babies? How does having a baby as a teenager affect the parents’ and children’s’ lives? If you choose this as a topic make sure to provide some viable solutions to solve the problem.

Causal reasoning links situations and events together in time and explains why something happened, or is happening, and predicts what could happen as a result. Using the techniques from our class discussions, write a 5-7pg Cause and Effect essay on one of the topics below. Remember, you are required to use at least two scholarly sources to support your main claim (thesis). You may use expert testimony, statistics, and/on a .gov, or .edu, website. You may also use firsthand experiences OR personal examples as well; however, those will not count as your two scholarly sources.

PLEASE VARY YOUR EVIDENCE: meaning, you may NOT ONLY use examples or only statistics.AND, you must use each expert testimony (article, essay, journal, etc) at least twice throughout the essay. For example, you must quote the article used at least two different times in your essay using two different quotes. In addition to your sources, your essay must include analysis of the topic, explanation of your sources and how and why they are relevant to your thesis.

You must either establish ONE MAIN cause which has multiple (THREE or more) effects; OR ONE MAIN effect with several (THREE OR MORE) causes.


  • You must use at least TWO scholarly sources to support your main claim (thesis)
  • You must use each source twice: For example, if you use an expert testimony (article, essay, journal, etc) you must quote that source at least two different times in your essay using two different quotes.
  • You MUST vary your evidence; meaning, don’t just use stats, examples or expert testimony but rather combine evidence. For example, use two stats and one article (ET) as your evidence, or one field study, two stats and several examples.
  • When using examples, use many not just one or two.
  • Make sure you are clearly showing what the main cause (reason / origin) of the issue is and several effects (results) of the issue OR a main effect (result) with several causes (reason / origin).
  • You must take a stand in your thesis, don’t just state “The main cause of divorce is________ and the biggest effect is________.”Are these effects good, bad, harmful, changing society as a whole in a positive way? Negative way…?
  • You are using sources now, so that means you will need to:1) introduce your sources properly (TAG) 2) cite direct quotes & paraphrases correctly in text, and include a works cited page as well.
  • As ALWAYS, for EVERY ESSAY we pen in this class, this is to be 1) in MLA format (12pt font, double spaced, proper heading and last name with page number on top R); 2) MUST include an interesting hook (quote, question, statistic, humor, personal story or definition) and 3) must also include a concluding paragraph that: a) reinstates your thesis, b) ties back to the hook c) indicates some sort of significance for your essay.
  • Page length stipulations are in place and will be enforced!