Ethnicities and political geography

Please read the chapters on ethnic & political geography in your textbook and then watch at least three of the following short videos from PBS Frontline World. If you have difficulties accessing any of the films simply go to the PBS Frontline World site ( and select an alternative film. For this week’s DB assignment you should discuss one or all of the following questions in at least two paragraphs:

How is today’s world politically organized and why? How can this type of political organization lead to conflict (over issues such as boundaries, ethnic diversity, etc.)? How do forces such as ethno-nationalism, devolution, supranationalism and/or the rise of extremist non-state actors (such as international terrorist groups) increasingly challenge this system?

You should select from the videos carefully after you have read the chapter and thought about the questions. You may use any relevant film from the PBS Frontline World site. Here are a few suggested links:

– Myanmar’s Killing Fields

– Somalia: A reporter’s search of Al-Qaeda.

– Egypt: Extraordinary rendition

– Iraq: the fight of Kirkuk’s oil

– Iran: Going Nuclear

– Occupied Minds: an Israeli and Palestinian on the road

– Afghanistan: the other war

Is Nato winning the battle?

– Pakistan: State of emergency

– Kashmir: a troubled paradise

– Turkey: A family erased