evaluating a public article

1- Evaluate this article by using your reading skills https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/05/americans-pets-too-attached/

2- The evaluation includes analysis, evidence, organization and, format and style.

3- Write each type of evaluation in separate and short paragraph.

4- what you should write in each type of the evaluation are:

a- Analysis:

-Discussion of rhetorical choices in public, stakeholder, and academic sources.

-Evaluation of different arguments in reviewed texts.

-Introduction and thesis that encapsulate major arguments reviewed.

-Conclusion that provides realistic, forward-thinking ideas for research/action.

b- Evidence:

-Evaluation of purpose and credibility of sources.

-Presentation of warrants for claims.

– Incorporation of diverse perspectives via quotes, paraphrasing, and summary.

– Connection among arguments presented in critical conversation of multiple texts.

c- Organization:

-Topic sentences and transitional language.

-Synthesis of multiple perspectives within paragraphs.

– Paragraphs anchored by the writer’s ideas, supported by the sources’ arguments.

– Progression of ideas that supports a purposeful global structure.

d- Format and style:

-Prose style that features a variety of sentence structures.

-Diction and mechanics that are appropriate for college level writing.

-Compliance with APA/MLA style and citation guidelines.

-Syntax free from typographical concerns.