Expanding the Conversation about Globalization In essay #5, you will revisit and revise essay #4 by.

Expanding the Conversation about Globalization
In essay #5, you will revisit and revise essay #4 by incorporatinga scholarly article you’ve located via EBSCOhost or JSTOR. You willneed to locate an article that discusses globalization in aspecific context—as it relates to an area of interest to you(education, economics, non-profits, politics, business, popularculture, etc.). Then, you will determine how best to use this newinformation to revise your essay. There are a couple of ways (atleast) to undertake this revision: You can use the new material totweak your central argument, your thesis; incorporate the newmaterial as support (either argument or counter-argument) of yourexisting thesis; or perhaps use the material to create a moreengaging introduction or conclusion to your essay.
Essay #5 asks you to undertake a common task of academic writers:Using theory to understand practice. In this case, you will use theAppiah and Foer-informed perspective (i.e., the theory) onglobalization you developed in last week’s essay to understand thefactors at play in another scholarly work (i.e., a practicalcontext).
What you are doing here goes beyond editing essay #4; you musttransform and re-envision it to create a new academic argument foran audience of educated peers who are interested in betterunderstanding globalism as it relates to a given area ofsociety.
Please craft a short description (this can be in bulleted list form if you would like) of the changes and transformations youmade in revising essay #4 to create essay #5. Submit thisdescription as either a second file in the dropbox or as a new page(after Works Cited) at the end of your essay file. Failure tosubmit this required information will result in a letter gradededuction from essay #5. QUESTION TITLE :- Globalization