Facility Planning – DQ6

In order for your facility to successfully perform Emergency Preparedness, discuss what role the IAEM could play in assisting you in developing a plan for some emergencies in your area (i.e. if you are located in a tornado alley or earthquake center). The first priority in an emergency is Life over anything else.

“I am working in a well-known pharmaceutical company (Pfizer, Inc.) which has presence in many countries. Please consider this company and write a post accordingly.”

Special Notes from Professor

“When you post in a class like this, and especially in the Masters class, the instructor and your fellow minions, want to see solid material based upon companies that you’ve worked for or currently working and your experiences relative to the question in the Discussion question. Please avoid using textbook or wiki wordings that are sterile and have no descriptive comments. What I want to see is you (YOU) in the facility management setting and how you would handle given conditions set forth by myself in the Modules.