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1.Give any two feedback based on that Read SFGTV Customer Relationship Management CRM San Francisco, brainstorm ways in which a city government can use a software application – specifically CRM – to help its citizens? What would you personally like to see implemented in the city in which you live?

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A. A city government can utilize various software apps to provide avenues to different departments to assist their constituents. By separating departments this will help the constituents to navigate to their designated issue. Another means of assisting could be that the government could offer an online means to help constitutes to be technology savvy and use on online application to address issues that concern them rather than the long or irritating issues of using a phone service with too many prompts.

Of course, customer satisfaction is always key in any business. It was interesting to see to see how the CRM’s were able to channel the inbound calls and duties to develop a system to help track, process and offer a solution to the customer.

What I would like to see in our local government, is a way that constituents could use an online source for non-emergency incidences rather than bombarding the 911 call lines. I do not think there is a process in place. It is a safe and confidential way to give information without your identity being revealed. I live in the City of Wilmington and there is always something going. They could also offer a survey at the end of a call or online service, to measure how they are servicing the constituents.

B. A city government can use a software application such as a CRM in various ways. For instance, they can incorporate this system to better manage the tax dollars citizens are paying by keeping track and by managing it efficiently. It really helps to fill out taxes online. Many mundane tasks that are done manually can be shifted to automation. Keeping the data centralized so that information isn’t redundant and can be kept updated. With improved citizen data, the government won’t have issues with checking records over and over again and wasting time. CRMs can help also help with managing any requests for state funds or grants. The CRM system can help keep track of all citizen complaints, concerns, questions, etc. Essentially, time is money and if CRM can help save time, the government can help save costs of unnecessary labor.

I’d personally love for my city officials to offer an app where I can take a picture of a problem and send it to them immediately. They can track the location with a GPS service and respond immediately. It could be for reporting things like an abandoned car. The app would be a great service in case someone has a disability like they can’t speak, etc. Or someone like me who would have trouble describing a stranded car. Also, there should be an option to remain anonymous. The officials working can then prioritize the cases and take care of the matter in an orderly fashion.

C. A city government can use a software application-specifically CRM-in multiple ways in order to help its citizens. One of the ways would be using the Smart Vehicle Tracking System. In order to track the current location of the public transport GPS based Smart Vehicle Tracking system could be implemented. The current location can be displayed using Mobile based apps using a CRM system. Another way might be using Smart Payment System. For all the payment of government provided services (e.g. Property Tax, Road Tax etc.) CRM can also help. A CRM system can send updates to specific users notifying them about recent due payments, payment schedule and a change in policy which will help the end user to keep track of their financials. A different way also could be using Information Governance. A CRM can help the citizens to get all the required information about all the services from centralized Information Governance system such as National Portal and so on. Personally, I would like to see implementation of Smart Vehicle Tracking System which will help to reduce waiting time for passengers and all IG System (Information Governance) can help to reduce Op-Ex and Cap-Ex to a great extent by eliminating the middle man in all the processes.

2. From your understanding of the chapter, list and briefly explain the characteristics of an optimally successful team. What is your favorite method of communication, and how might you incorporate your preference into your business communications now that you’ve read the chapter? (Essentials Of
Organizational Behavior, ed 16
Chapter 1-7 )

3. If a person has more power, do you think his or her need for politics becomes greater or less? Why? Do you think employee conflicts are, in general, bad? Why? In what ways do you think they might be constructive?

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