finally reflection paper, management homework help

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Cite ONLY FROM THIS BOOK ( Getting to Yes – Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In by Roger Fisher and William Ury (any edition)

this is a reflection paper from the course that i’m taking right now, and this is the book that we used on it i want you to follow the instructions attached I also attached sample of my writing that you should follow the style of it. in some questions you are asked to write my personal opinion or to use my own words or my approach to negotiating or my negotiation behaviors that i avoided in the past and the new behaviors that i adopted. i attached my conflict management style questionnaire and what is my dominant style so that gives you an idea who am I and how i think so you can write and thinks like me please read and understand all the instructions and all files attached and follow it

I need 5 pages double space

dude please make it good as always and simple