Full Shitty Draft

The year is 2022, and you are the Chief Nursing Officer at University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Congrats! You are making big bucks.

But there is a problem: your nurses are stressed out. And, as your job responsibilities include evaluating and improving working conditions for your nursing staff, you’ve got to implement a plan to help your nurses ease some of their stress so that the excellent trauma care your hospital is known for can continue. The CEO of the hospital has asked you to produce an APA style report that defines stress for nurses, provides context for trauma nurses/hosptials, and proposes evidence-based practices to help manage, reduce, and/or eliminate stress for the UMC nursing staff. So, you turn to the library databases and other appropriate scholarly and peer-reviewed research on nursing and stress to figure out some options for your staff.

For this assignment, you should conduct research to help you define stress for nurses, provide context for stress in trauma units/hospitcal, and propose strategies for helping to manage, reduce, and/or eliminate stress for nurses. Your final product should be 2000-3000 words (approximately 7-10 pages, excluding title page, abstract, and references) and utilize APA style.

As this assignment is a full draft but a “shitty draft,” your submission is not expected to be perfect! You will receive feedback from your instructor in regard to particular aspects of the assignment, and you will be required to revise before submitting your final draft.


Grading Rubric

Your assignment will be graded upon the following criteria:


(40 points)


(32 Points)

Needs Improvement

(24 Points)


(20 Points)


Follows assignment requirements; demonstrates critical thought and original ideas; utilizes scholarly and peer-reviewed sources.

Follows assignment requirements; demonstrates attention to ideas; utilizes scholarly and peer-reviewed sources.

Demonstrates an attempt to follow assignment requirements; demonstrates basic understanding of articles but not critical thought or original ideas; majority of sources are not scholarly and/or peer-reviewed

Does not follow assignment requirements; sources do not demonstrate understanding of information literacy