hello there i need urgent help with this english 101 critical reading and composition essay correction i would really appreciate it i need someone with full knowldge and who owns the book crooked letter crooked letter by tom franklin 1

Basically this is what you need to do:
– First, read very carefully all the document that I am attaching, which is the 4 pages draft version essay that I sent to my English 101 teacher.

– Second, take out the repetitively paragraphs which means the ones that talks repetitively about the guilt that Silas is feeling and replace them by 4 new paragraphs using these 4 thesis statements that my English 101 teacher provided to me:

1. Larry’s rejection by everyone for 25 years and what he has suffered [of course, any of these ideas that you use should be written as complete sentences in the essay]

2. Larry’s loss of business and income, which forced him to sell land

3 Larry’s near-fatal shooting by Wallace, who had grown up thinking Larry was a murderer and wanted to imitate him

4. Whether the nice things Silas and Angie do for Larry can ever atone for what he has lost (it’s perfectly reasonable to say you don’t think so).

– Third, you have to use at least one direct quotation that supports the thesis statements for each of the 4 new paragraphs.

It is the most important assignment of the semester in this course and I really really need to pass it😭

Also, here you have this important info that my English 101 teacher provided to me
You can find some specific evidence of Silas feeling guilty on page 207, 220-21 and perhaps some pages after that, and page 239. The rest is up to you. You MUST USE SPECIFIC SUPPORTING EXAMPLES and organize your material so that each body paragraph states one main point and then the specifics on just that point.