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Week 4: Privacy Policies for Hotel Guests

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The manager for Reservations Services and the company’s Chief Privacy Officer have asked the Management Interns to look into a privacy problem that was recently uncovered in the Reservations Services Call Center. Your deliverable for this discussion will be a 3 to 5 paragraph briefing paper in which you summarize the privacy issues (using the information provided below) and then provide 3 to 5 suggestions for appropriate and relevant updates to the current “guest relations” privacy policy (using a competitor’s policy as a starting point).

Write your 3 to 5 paragraph position paper after reviewing the background information (below) and one or more of the following policies:





Special requests from guests are entered into the reservation database for use by front desk, concierge, housekeeping, and maintenance personnel. Food service personnel may also need to access this information in order to address special dietary needs. Guests may enter the information themselves using a web-based form or a call center operator may enter it on a guest’s behalf.

The Chief Privacy Officer recently became aware of a disturbing practice in Reservations Services related to the “special requests” information. Apparently, there has been an on-going contest among the call center operators for “the most outrageous guest requests.” A few operators have gone so far as to pull up guest reservation entries in the database for bookings made online via the company’s website.” This contest is a shocking violation of guests’ privacy and could seriously harm the company’s reputation if the practice were to continue.

An investigation into the situation revealed that (a) the call center operators were not aware of the guest relations privacy policy and (b) the current guest relations privacy policyhas weak protections in place for information stored in the reservations system & bookings database.

Please remember to cite your sources (APA format preferred).

Attached is the companies background (PAdgett-Beale Corporate Profile v2)