HIS 112 I need help with my history journal

You can submit your posts at any point before the due date/time.

Each journal post should:

  • Start with a quote from ONE of the following:
    • Lecture
    • An assigned reading (you can use the textbook)
    • An assigned video or other media

Quoted material should be clearly formatted and credited properly with a citation.

Next, you’ll compose a paragraph long response that does BOTH the following:

  • Explains how you think the quote connects to a different set of material/source (ie if you use the textbook, explain how it connects to something from lecture or vice versa).
  • Explains why you chose this quote to focus on.

Journal entries can be informal in tone, but should adhere to college level standards for writing.

In your journal posts you want to demonstrate understanding of historical topics and debates – so double check that you aren’t giving incorrect or debated information.