History 1800 – 1870

A. American Views,“Mississippi’s 1865 Black Codes”. Answer questions 1-3.

1. How did the black codes fit into President Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction program?

2. Some Northerners charged that the black codes were a backdoor attempt at re-establishing slavery. Do you agree?

3. If Southern states enacted black codes to stabilize labor relations, how did the provisions stated in this excerpt effect that objective?

B. Global Perspectives, Emancipation and Freedom in the United States and Russia. Reflect on the economic implications for emancipated serfs and slaves and note 2-3 similarities in their plight.

C. Web Destinations. Google Albion Winegar Tourgee. Click on www.aaregistry.org/historic_events/view/voice-agai… You will find a brief article outlining the heroic role of Tourgee in Reconstruction politics in North Carolina. List three important contributions this early Civil Rights advocate made on behalf of emancipated slaves.

D. Web Destination: www.gutenberg.org/etext/67. This is a highly regarded work by historian Norman Coombs, The Black Experience In America. Click on Download and I chose the HTML format. Go to Part 2, Chapter 6, “From Slavery to Segregation” and then choose Reconstruction And Its Failures.. Read through to paragraph six. From Coombs paragraph six, cite two examples of successes that Reconstruction governments achieved. Also, from the same paragraph, cite three examples of political successes of newly enfranchised African-Americans. In the next paragraph, seven, summarize in several sentences how these successes were undermined.