History Discussion & Replies

I need an original post that is at least 200 words responding to Part A. Then I need three student responses to post, at least 100 words, that can be found in Part B. Please respond to student response like you are talking to them directly. Do not say “ I agree with this student….this student’s use of …..etc…” Chicago Style Format


Please read the course materials for week one and then participate in this discussion.

Cicero wrote a letter to his friend, the historian Lucceius, in which he asked him to write a historical monograph on Cicero’s career. Cicero explains what he would like to find in such a history. In light of what you have read about how Romans (and especially Cicero) thought about and wrote history, how would you respond to Cicero if you were Lucceius?

[Note: For the discussion you will need to read Cicero’s Letter to Lucceius in Week One Content.]



My Dear friend Cicero, please allow me to thank you immensely for those words of so much praise addressed to this server and friend. I fully support your burning desire to want to write about your illustrious achievements and do not want your impatience to increase. It is clear to me that you have an ample idea of how you would want history, to remember your story and contributions to our society. In your letter, you have expressed your concerns about not laying a burden upon me and I am extremely grateful for your considerations; It is true that I am very busy at the moment with other affairs and at the same time do not wish to miss the opportunity to help you with your request. I have come up with the idea that you and I can work together and compose a narrative worthy of a great citizen like you are. I propose that you write a rough draft about your character and achievements since there is no one better than yourself to provide a full and accurate account of your work. Once you have completed the rough draft, you and I will revise it together and decide what will be the best way to present the stories related to your life. Together, we can edit and write your story to your satisfaction and I will adapt and employ my literary skills that you very kindly and highly mentioned in your letter. Please advise me as soon as you have finished the rough draft.

Very Respectfully,

L. Lucceius”



You asked me what kind of history that I want you to provide. I want you to tell the history of events as you know it. You nor I alone are not the great historian of Rome, but we each have our part to play in the great history of Rome. Every Roman citizen has the important task of remembering the past so that lessons already learned can be more easily taught to their children. There is no one, perfect narrative that I own and control. You have undoubtedly had access to events or people that I have not seen or heard about. History should be a collaborative effort from all writers and, while you do not want to write the entirety of history, your insight into matters is important to me and future generations. What I want from you is the simple and plain truth as you saw it. Whether that truth is from a Roman or a barbarian doesn’t matter because the truth is the truth. You have said that the first rule of a historian is to not tell a falsehood. If your experiences differ in a way that contradicts what I have and this difference cannot be reconciled, I will include both views in the discussion of that event in a way that the next scholar can add to or better clarify what our limited experiences have shown us.”


I would reply.

Dear my good friend Cicero,

I am sorry I have not contacted you about the matter but I have many obligations as you know. I am a man of my word and I will ensure you that your feats are well documented into the history books. I am grateful for your suggestions but i can not tamper with the integrity of history. My job is to write history as it is not what we would like it to be. Cicero you are a great man who has accomplished great things and I will highlight those things as long as they fit within context of history. I hope this news does not upset you because I value your friendship but a true friend will not let this small issue tamper their friendship. I am a skilled writer and I believe that the truth will be more beneficial to your legacy than a bunch of fluff. True connoisseurs of history can tell when things are exaggerated in someones favor, this will thus make me an non-credible historian and all my work will be deemed non-credible. If my work is non-credible your name with many others will be forgotten. I hope you understand.