History of California

For your midterm, you are required to answer ten (10) of a possible fifteen (15) IDs. You will

give the following information: Who, what, when, where, and why is this phrase or person

significant, in terms of California history and our course. Some answers will be short, while

others will require more detail. When providing the “when” and “where” answers, be as specific

as possible. Do not answer “California” if the answer can be narrowed down to “Mission San

Francisco.” Similarly, there might be a “when” that covers several decades, while others might

be a specific day. Do not write these in paragraph form. Please refer to your midterm review for

the proper format.

Do not answer more than ten IDs. I will stop grading after the tenth. Here are the options:


Franciscan missionaries

hijos del pais

Mission secularization

Andres Pico

Battle of San Pascual

Nisenan Indians

Timothy Osborn

Benjamin Hayes

Sing Yu

Biddy Mason

Japanese-Mexican Labor Association (JMLA)

“Semi Tropic” California

Working Man’s Party

Vigilance Committees