Hitler And Stalin Roots Of Evil Documentary

Have the paper APA formatt the same way you did this last one. Adding the reference page and also please add some information with citations from the video and the book. Im attatching the notes from chapter 2 so you can get a little information from there just to add it and also make some citations from the video from what I wrote please. The paper is ready just need APA formatt and citations from book and video that I didnt do it.

heres the video :

This was the professors answer : Pietro,

Overall, good analysis of video

Please see course syllabus on written assignments:


Required method of scholarly citations

All referenced material should use APA citations and referencing.

This requires that all work submitted include citations to the text, video and external sources if used and the inclusion of a Reference page.

See examples posted in announcements.

Just how u did this last one it was perfect.