Home Environment Feedback

Please read all of the instructions before submitting!!

Step #1:

After turning in your outline and receiving feedback (if submitted on time), write an essay of at least 500 words and no more than 600 words in which you support the following topic with main points and details.

TOPIC: Use MLA format to develop a 500-600 word essay that explores how the environment you call “home” has shaped you (your personality, goals, dreams, belief system etc.).

Please note: You may use first or third person, but do not use any form of “you.”

Essay Format:

1) Use Times New Roman twelve point font

2) Put your name, my name (Mrs. Gills), your class section, and the date at the top, left-hand corner of the page

3). Put a title (not Essay #1)

Use the following format to write your essay:

The actual rough draft is not turned in to me!! Keep Reading!!!

Step #2

You have two options for step 2:

Option 1

You will submit your essay to NetTutor (Click here for instructions to use NetTutor).

After you have submitted your essay to NetTutor, you will receive comments/suggestions on your paragraph from a tutor. You should receive this information within 48 hours, so be sure to keep your confirmation email that shows when you submitted your work in case you need to prove that you submitted it on time. Late submission to NetTutor is not a valid excuse for a late submission to this assignment.

Option 2

You will make an appointment with the writing center (virtual or in-person) (Click here for instructions to use the Hinds Writing Center).

One of the Hinds writing tutors will review and provide feedback for your paper.

Step #3:

When you receive your feedback file from NetTutor, upload it here for this assignment. The actual rough draft is not turned in to me, only the feedback file.

If you use the writing center, I will receive a summary of the visit and will give you credit.

The actual rough draft is not turned in to me, only the feedback file.