Analytical Paper

write a 3-4 page literary paper about ‘wiseblood,’ or about a story from ‘the street of crocodiles.’  

create a thesis that is interesting, complex, that teaches the reader something they might have missed when they read the work quickly or for the first time, and that is insightful.  and then prove that thesis with evidence from the text.

you’ll have to quote a lot from the text, in order to show the reader what you are talking about (in order to prove your points), but you’ll also have to EXPLAIN why the quote proves what you want it to prove.  in other words, you can’t just throw a bunch of quotes around and hope the reader understands that they prove your claims.  you have to explain why they prove your claims.

use all your literary words:  suggests, symbolizes, represents, illustrates, implies, shows, signifies.  also, remember to talk about the book IN PRESENT TENSE.

don’t use long quotes–use short ones, the ‘best bits’ of the quotes–and then explain why they prove your thesis.