Help with presentation Microeconomics.

Micro Economic Company Profile

Items to be included in Company Profile Presentation – Detailed Rubric to follow

Company Statistics:

Include type of firm, size of company, ect.

Define the Good or Service:

            Type of product

            Are there substitutes

            How many

Market Definition and Market Profile:

            How many firms

            Your firms size relative to the market


            Does the firm have to take into consideration the behavior of other firms (is it interdependent)?

            Are there barriers to entry or exit (if so what are they?)

Type of competition (or firm structure)? 

# of competitors

Market position

Share of Market

Type of Demand faced by the company

Elasticity of the demand faced


            How much market power does the firm have?

Cost structure

            Barriers to entry


Can you derive the firm’s Marginal Revenue Curve?

Can the firm make an economic profit in the long run, why or why not?


Hithis is group presentation and i need help with what wrote n Red color only. This is my part only.  


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