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G124/ENC1101 write a 3-4 page persuasive paper on SINGLE PARENT AND HIGH CRIME RATES.

THESIS STATEMENT: Children from single parent homes account for a large amount of crimes. Poverty, home

environment, and home structure are more likely to happen in a single parent home than in a married family home, where there is more structure and more financial stability.

using these 5 sources , write a 3-4 page persuasive paper on SINGLE PARENT AND HIGH CRIME RATES.

  • Wong, S. K. (2017). The effects of single-mother and single-father families on youth crime: Examining five gender-related hypotheses. International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, 50, 46–60. doi:10.1016/j.ijlcj.2017.04.001
  • Giordano, P. C., Seffrin, P. M., Manning, W. D., & Longmore, M. A. (2011). PARENTHOOD AND CRIME: THE ROLE OF WANTEDNESS, RELATIONSHIPS WITH PARTNERS, AND SES. Journal of criminal justice, 39(5), 405–416. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jcrimjus.2011.05.006
  • Skarðhamar, T. (2009). Family Dissolution and Children’s Criminal Careers. European Journal of Criminology, 6(3), 203–223. doi:10.1177/1477370809102165
  • Chung, H. L., & Steinberg, L. (2006). Relations between neighborhood factors, parenting behaviors, peer deviance, and delinquency among serious juvenile offenders. Developmental psychology, 42(2), 319–331. https://doi.org/10.1037/0012-1649.42.2.

* Farrington, D. F. (2011). “Families and Crime”. In Crime and Public Policy. Ed. Wilson, J. Q. & Petersilia, J. Oxford University Press. Print.

Just make sure the thesis statement that I included is in there. and make sure the sources are included. APA style format