i have an assignment (800 words)

i did an interview through big interview website

Ther was 4 question ans i responded to them

i want you to do me a reflection on that

i attached questions as video and my respond as text because i lost the videos i recorded

Question 1: my respond was: well, what is interesting about science is that it is not fixed or continually is in a state of flux. Hypothesises are proposed, tested and either supported or rejected by the data. Either way, learning occurs and new ideas are generated. Scientists share their findings with other members of the scientific community which lead to more progress. Science involves higher order of thinking, a logical way to approach the world and a chance to investigate the mysteries as they arise. Also as technology improves, science makes new advancements as well. And this what I like about science

Q2: my respond was: I remember last year the Saudi community in Brisbane organised a soccer tournament and we had big and important match. We trained very hard for that match. An suddenly two of our best players had a conflict. I feel I had to do something as part of the team. I brought them both and let them talk and hear from each other, we discussed through the problem until we solved the conflict. Then everyone was happy, we won the game . This improved my teamwork skills as well as my leadership skills.

Q3: my respond was: teamwork provides an opportunity for employees to bond with each other which improves relationships, increase trust and respect among them. It helps in sharing opinions, responsibilities and ideas. And an opportunity to challenge ideas and came up with better solutions for the task. It also allows new workers to learn from more experienced workers. It helps in accomplishing the task faster and reducing the workloads and pressure which influence the efficiency of the work positively.

Q4: my respond was: I remember this time when I got 3 assignments due in one week and all of them are important and worth a lot. I had to manage my time wisely, there was no time for stressing and hasitating . I put them in order from the nearest due , I allocated a certain time for each one of them, I worked on each on individually enough time. And finally I got everything done and I managed to submit them all on time.

i also attached the marking criteria

The reflection should include my thoughts about my preparation for the interview, my strengths and weaknesses in the interview, what i feel went well and what i might do differently next time.

please do with your best

800 words