I need an essay on the below mentioned topic


Since you will be taking different courses each quarter, you will be writing about your experiences with your
courses from THIS quarter (not from previous quarter). Each section should be set apart in the paper with the
appropriate header.

1. Courses I Am Taking This Quarter – List the two courses that you are taking this quarter. Include the
number and name of each course, whether it is hybrid or fully online and the name of your instructor.

2. Link outcomes from my first course to My Workplace – List the detailed course outcomes (as found in
your first submission this quarter) for your first course. For each of the listed outcomes, describe specific
(to your workplace/job) examples where what you’re learning in the course applies to your job and how
you will implement what you’re learning within your current position. To reiterate, these must be SPECIFIC
to YOU and YOUR JOB.

3. Applying Work Experiences to My First Course – Describe an example where something that occurred at
work helped to you to understand something in your first course better.

4. Work Proposal – Briefly (as in a few paragraphs) describe a process change, procedural innovation, or
another enhancement that you would propose to your employer based on what you’ve learned in this
quarter’s courses. You should clearly explain how this proposal relates to at least one of your current
courses’ outcomes. This must be SPECIFIC to YOU and YOUR JOB.
5. The length of paper – 250-300 words. Double-spaced using Times New Roman, 12 pt. font.

The courses which I am taking are Business ethics and Organizational Theory. I work in Anthem as business Analyst