I need help with 5 discussion questions for my HR class

Please answer each of the questions in at least 150 words and cite references used

  • Discuss your position on executive compensation. Is executive compensation excessive or appropriate?
  • ( Respond the to following post in 150 words to further discussion)There have been many new laws passed to help satisfy investor concerns over executive compensation. Changes in SEC reporting requirements have forced companies to include an “Executive Compensation Discussion and Analysis” section to accompany future pay documentation in all SEC forms. This section requires a “readable” explanation of how the compensation was determined and what it encompasses. Other laws have been more direct in curbing practices the companies themselves use. One prime example of this was the removal of the deferred compensation tax shelter that helped many executives avoid millions in taxes. Moreover, improvements in other tax loopholes have made it much harder for boards to justify large payouts and hide these payouts from investors.
  • What impact will flexible work schedules have on employees’ commitment to their employers? How about on employee productivity?Please share your experiences in this area.
  • ( Respond the to following post in 150 words to further discussion) Another great benefit that companies are now offering is telecommuting.With so many advancements in technology it is easier for employees to connect via vpn to their company platforms and do their work.This type of benefit allows employees to have a great work life balance.I telecommute in my current position, but I have the option to be in the office if I choose.I feel that working from home allows me to be more productive with less distractions.Some people might think differently, but as long as my work is done there are no issues.It takes a lot of discipline to ensure that you are productive and technology makes it easier for anyone to reach you.I’ve been asked if I work long hours, but being able to set my own hours and having flexibility with my schedule removes that thought from my mind.I do however set a certain amount of hours in which I need to complete my daily work which allows me the balance that I need.
  • Please read the section of this chapter regarding the rising wages within China and more recently evaluate whether the U.S. and China will actually go into a trade war or is this all talk? Provide your analysis to this timely subject. Please see attachment for the article