I need help with a essay

I need help with writing a essay its about Keith Urban this is what I need in the paper

Enjoy researching your topic! This is not a full-blown research paper. Choose an important/significant highlight(s) of their lives and career including supporting events. Limit your paper’s focus. Address at least one (1) of the followings elements within your paper:

1. Social, Political, and cultural issues

2. Issues of race, class, and gender

3. The development of music business

4. The development of technology

Use at least three sources and provide proper citations.


1. Title and your name at top of page 1
2. 5-6 typed pages
3. Double-spaced
4. 12 point; New Times Roman font
5. At least three (3) credible sources with proper citations (NOTE: Wikipedia is an example of a non-credible source.)
6. Submit as a Word Doc or docx / NO PDF submissions

I can send you anything else if I find anything else it needs but think thats it.