I need short answers

1. Describe the costs associated with inventory.

2. Why is it inappropriate to use inventory turnover ratios to compare inventory performance of companies in different industries?

3. What is meant by service level and how is it related to the amount of safety stock held?

4. Explain how a decrease in setup time can lead to a decrease in the average amount of inventory a firm holds, and why that would be beneficial.

5. Under what circumstances is the single-period model appropriate?

6. What are some ways a company can reduce the need for inventories?

7. What is the trade-off involved in buying additional amounts to take advantage of quantity discounts.

8. Who needs to be involved in inventory decisions involving holding costs? Setting inventory levels? Quantity discount purchases?

9. How has tech aided inventory management?

10. Considering the current situation, as a supermarket manager, how would you go about evaluating the criticalness of an inventory shortage?