Introductory Discussion Question, English homework help

About myself for the assignment, the rest please made up, thanks:

Hi everybody, my name is Hoang Nguyen and I am an international student from Vietnam. I am currently studying business administration. I want to follow my uncle footstep as a business man in the family. I don’t really know what I am passionate about but I’m trying to look for it while going to school. I like basketball and soccer, I play soccer every weekend. I like hanging out with my friends and watch movies. Nice to meet you all, see you in class!

  • Begin by discussing your program of study and your career goals. How did you find yourself on this path? What drew you to this area of study, and what are some of your specific interests in the field? What do you hope to do with your degree when you graduate?
    • After you’ve completed the first part of your response, begin thinking of potential essay topics that are related to your academic or career interests. List three preliminary topics that you could potentially develop into fully researched, persuasive essays over the duration of this class. Be sure to include enough information so that your instructor and your classmates can get a good idea of what each topic might entail—you may need to write two or three sentences to adequately explain each topic idea.
  • Respond to your peers’ posts by offering advice on their potential essay topics. Which topics seem to lend themselves to college-level research? Which topics are complex enough to warrant writing a full paper on them? What brainstorming or prewriting techniques might be useful to further develop the topics? Are the topics multifaceted and able to be debated or argued effectively? As you respond to your peers, remember to call upon the information you learned in this module’s readings.

  • Read the discussion prompt thoroughly before responding to it, as well as any required lecture notes or assigned readings for the module.
  • Organize your thoughts and begin to compose your response. It may be helpful to do this in Microsoft Word so you can utilize the spell check and grammar check features of the software. You can then copy and paste your response to the Discussion Area, making sure you do so by the date indicated in the assignment. Please don’t post attachments to the discussion—the text of your response should be copied right into the body of your message for all to read. In general, all of your discussion assignment postings should be at least two full paragraphs (250 to 300 words) in length.
  • Respond to at least two of your peers’ discussion responses, as all discussion assignments require you to do. When you do, you may agree, disagree, question their assertions, or offer additional information on the topic. However, make sure to elaborate on your response by utilizing information from the module’s readings. Your participation posts will need to be on topic with the content you’ve learned about during the module—offering personal opinions and experiences will not be considered a substantive contribution to the discussion. All of your participation responses should be a solid paragraph (100 to 150 words) in length.