Irving Berlin

hello i have a little response about art(thearter)  which about a Irving Berlin response probably 2 small paragraph each paragraph at least 5 sentences ?? estimate time 40 mins who can do it 


Write one fully developed paragraph ( at least five sentences) and be sure to provide specific examples of moments from the class to support your thoughts:  you should fine yourself using words/phrases like “because,” “such as,” and “for example” often. 

2.   THEME AND MEANING:  How does the overall theme and meaning of this  relate to and express the present day culture and values of society? Explain how this performance/discussion  piece and form of drama  is relevant to American culture today


Acting: Was the actor believable, given the requirements of the play?  If he was believable, how did he seem to accomplish this?  If he was not believable, what occurred to impair or destroy believability?  ( As you discuss this, be sure to separate the performer from the role.  For example, you can dislike a character but admire the performance. )  Did the technical abilities of the performer support his work?  (i.e. vocal traits like loudness and articulation; physical traits like appropriate movement and natural gesturing;  believability of specific actions and/or interactions with other characters, etc. )  How so or how not?