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Download the research article entitled, “KM governance: the mechanisms for guiding and controlling KM programs” and answer the following questions. Limit your response to 4 pages, double-spaced.

1. In your own words define the term, “governance in the KM context.”

2. The article states there are three governance mechanisms (I. Governance Structure, II. Governance Process and III Relational aspects). Each mechanism has several aspects; each aspect has numerous elements. In either Excel or Word create a table that shows the three governance mechanisms, the aspect of each and the elements for each aspect. When looking at the Governance Structures (mechanism) you’ll notice that there are four types (aspects) of structure. Each type of structure has at least three variations (elements). There are four kinds of Governance Processes (aspects). Each kind has 2 or three types (elements). Lastly, there are three relational aspects. Each aspect has 2 or more types (elements). If you create a row for every el