listening assignment #4

  • Listening Assignment #4 (LA#4)The song: Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan (Live) (4:50)You can hear it on youtube at: Or click on the link below:Format: One page typewritten, double-spaced. Please use a 12pt font.Please place your name – LA#4 – today’s date (on the upper left hand corner of the paper). Do not include the name of the song anywhere in the header or above the body of the paper.Example: John or Mary Student – LA#4 – 4/28/16 – all on one line please!Listening assignments are opinion papers. You will point out several objective points in the music, i.e. tonal color, dynamics, texture, etc., describe them, and then give your detailed (subjective) opinions of them. Kid Charlemagne consists of male and female vocals, electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards (pianos) and drums.Specific questions to answer and topics to cover for Kid Charlemagne:
    1. Which instruments do you hear during the song’s intro (before the vocal enters)?
    2. Is the overall texture thin or thick during the intro? Why?
    3. Which instruments keep the basic tempo or beat of the song?
    4. Would you say the tempo or pulse is slow, medium or fast?
    5. What is the mood of the song? Why? Do you like the mood? Why or why not?
    6. Do the dynamics change in the song? Why or why not? If so, where in the song?
    7. Which instruments and/or voices create the song’s tonal color? Is is a good blend? Why?
    8. The overall texture changes from beginning to end? Where and why?
    9. Is the song in strophic form? Why?
    10. Do the male and female vocalists sing at the same time? If so, where?
    11. What makes this song sound like jazz What makes the song sound like rock or funk?
    12. How does the song end? Which instruments or voices you hear? Does this work in your opinion?
    13. Would you listen to this song again after completing this assignment? Why?

    Please note: Listening Assignments are not research papers. Please do not include any of the following:-biographies of the musicians-how successful the musicians are or how many records they sold-a history of the song and/or the musicians-any comparisons to any other song even if it is by the same artistFinal points: Please listen to the song several times and take notes during each performance. For example, listen once for texture, then again for dynamics, etc.Please have your paper printed a day or so before the due date so you will have it when you come to class that day. Early paper submissions are welcome. You may present a draft before the due date for comments, however it is not required.