marketing discussions 7

Discussion1: Which elements in your view need to be in place for teams to work well together? One page with outside resource.

Discussion 2: one page.

This week, as we wrap up concepts around social listening and customer service with social media, have some fun by browsing on Amazon for a few minutes. Select a product that you need or want, but before you “add to cart” review three customer reviews first and then determine if the customer reviews changed your mind about your intent to purchase. Share your experience with the rest of the class whether you hit “buy” or decided not to purchase based on the customer reviews.

Question1: you think for today’s rapid two-way social media channels all companies/brands/businesses should provide customer service via social media? Can you name a company or industry that does not need to build a social care strategy or team? Why or Why Not?

2.Go to Twitter and make comments to the handles or hashtags of three different brands or companies. Note how long it takes to get a response, who responds, and how they respond. Compare the different company actions.

Question 2:

1.Conduct a brief content analysus of NASCAR’s social media presence. What strategy are they following and what kind of content are they producing? Why do you think it has worked so well?

2.Measurement, metrics, and return on investment (ROI) are very important for today’s social media marketing plans, more so than ever. Do some research and find what experts agree to be the top social media metrics that prove real ROI.