Media Review Paper – 1,200- 1,500 words

This assignment provides an
opportunity to apply psychological theory in the exploration of a book or
film. Students choose a film or book of special interest. The book or film
should have content that can be meaningfully explored through application
of psychological theory and research. Students can look at some of the
later chapters in the text that deal with emotion,
motivation, personality, the development of the individual over the life
span, health and stress, and psychological disorders and treatment, so
that they have a more complete idea of different concepts that might

Students might pick a movie or
book in which the main character suffers from a psychological disorder or
is merely trying to cope with the everyday stress of life.  Students might
discuss defense mechanisms or refer to developmental stages in the
person’s life that might have been important, or consider the effects
of abuse, alcoholism and addiction, etc. Students can approach the subject
matter from different perspectives—psychoanalytical, biological,
behavioral, cognitive, and/or sociocultural. They can discuss the role
emotion, memory, or motivation plays in the character’s development, or
the importance of the environment, and
influences such as racism and sexism.

This is a research-based paper,
and the film or book
provides only the backdrop for research on a psychological
topic. You should use at least one psychological, peer-reviewed reference
in addition to the textbook.

The paper should be 1,200 to
1,500 words, about 5 double-spaced pages.