Memo making a recommendation for improvement-Persuasive memos are common business documents and dema

Memo making a recommendation for improvement-Persuasive memos are common business documents and demand careful organization to present a request that will be taken seriously. For this assignment, prepare a 350- to 500-word memo to your supervisor requesting that your company make some sort of improvement in one of its processes; your recommendation might be to purchase some new equipment that will improve something that the company or a portion of it does. Your recommendation might be to change a personnel policy or make a change in the structure of the workforce.If you are not currently working, you may create a fictitious company, supervisor, and position for yourself. In your memo, provide your supervisor with justification for what you are proposing, including an outline of the benefits the company will receive from this change. Be sure to address any budgetary issues involved in your recommendation.This memo should be written in direct communication style. Therefore, you should ask for what you want in the very first sentence. The rest of the memo should be devoted to adding factual details that support your request and persuade your supervisor to perform the action you are proposing. The memo is an in-house document (which is why it is not a letter). Indicate the name and title of the person being persuaded.Make sure you submit a Word document, not a PDF.Grading Criteria:submitted on timemeets length requirementfocuses on the information needs of the audiencefollows appropriate memo format – to, from, date, subject; uses textbook or memo posted in Course Resources as modelrecipient and sender are identified by both name and titleformatting is single spaced with double spacing between paragraphsprovides justification for improvement you are asking foroutlines the benefits to the companycontains no proofreading errorsuses headings to separate parts of memo