Memory psychology how memory in certain places has been erased essay 2400 words

Read all of the attached documents, the document 4 has the exact requirements including the 2400 word requirement. Please follow the below outline. Please feel free to message me with any questions. I have also attached all six sources by which you must pull evidence from to work into the paper. I have also attached the prior paper and instructions i wrote on this subject which is NOT to be rewritten just used for a basic understanding.


Intro – talk about memory as serving an importance to history – not so far as in it is good or bad moments, but rather that memory serves as a truth of

remembrence and reality. and how the places in which hisory happen are the best markers of time and facts.

(Thesis): Something about the guillotines serving as a marker in history of cruelty and justice, and by taking them out its as though history is being erased

First BP: history/background (The Guillotine in Perspective)

Second BP: argument / analyzing why we shouldnt see it as “cruel” (evidence in document The Birth of Death Machine) The Guillotine was an efforts of making justice more humane, even if to our standards it was brutality, it was the best they could come up with within their technology, just like we have capital punishment via drug injections. Also talk about the strive for new order via French Revolution.

Third BP: this can be the paragraph about the reality, however, of the lives lost in a seemingly brutal way and how the erasing of the guillotine also eliminates the memory of the wrong doing and the marker in time that we shouldnt return to of public humiliation and terror. (Jay Winters – Sites as Moral Memory) & (The Guillotine in Perspective)

Fourth BP: The effect of art standing in as a memory place, rather than the actual location itself and what that effected in modern thinking (“The Guillotine As Anti-Monument”)

Fifth BP?: The guillotine as a symbol. (A Little Late But Still) Talk about how it stood as a symbol of the law – whether it be justice or protest, the guillotine was a powerful image for the people to show their stand point on capital punishment and the reigns of government at the time. Discuss the importance of the guillotine as an image – Tie in Nazi death camps and how they were preserved, not to idolize, but to preserve reality and teach. Our in depth knowledge of WW2 and the Nazi reign would not be the same if Germany had torn down all lasting evidence of the horrifying truth. Without hard evidence and locations to return to over and over, history becomes story telling, and in story telling messages get mixed. (The Last Source you uploaded)

Closing: Mention the importance in seeing memories as just that – a still frame in time, not so much a relic that we can impose our modern thoughts onto. When we look back into history and our memory, we need to remember to keep it relative to its time period, not the one we are in now. Objects help serve this and keep things relavent to their era, and by erasing those objects and places, it makes it difficult to keep the accuracy. Refer back to intro/thesis.