Mgmt 290 Week 1 Shampoo and Conditioner Packaging

I need to respond to this in 200-300 words in APA foormat with references

Shampoo and You

In almost every household in the United States shampoo and conditioner are used. These bottles are bulky, waste product, and produce a staggering amount of plastic waste.

Shampoo and conditioner bottles are often odd shaped and take up a lot of the shelf space in a shower. This results in assaulted foots and “I’m fine” being yelled through the house. This issue could be solved with the redesigning of its packaging. My proposal is a packaging that is similar to a squeeze apple sauce pack with a reinforced metal ring on the bottom. This could easily hang from a suction cup hook on the wall, which would eliminate shower clutter.

No matter how hard a person tries, there is always that bit of shampoo and conditioner stuck at the bottom of the bottle. This product waste can be frustrating and not be cost efficient. The product can simply be squeezed out and used, eliminating waste and helping consumers be even more cost efficient.

Shampoo bottles alone account for 552 million pieces of plastic in American landfills annually (McKenzie, 2018). This statistic does not include the global population or the waste from travel size bottles (McKenzie, 2018). It does not help that items from bathrooms are the least likely to get recycled (McKenzie, 2018). This waste is already addressed in shampoo and conditioner bars, but there are drawbacks to these products. These bars do not last as long, cost more, and are not as effective. My solution addresses all of these issues as well as solving the plastic packaging concerns. It does not eliminate but it does reduce the amount of packaging waste. Reduction is effective since sustainability and environmental concerns are a strong force in the business world (Stevenson, 27)

As far as consumer approval of the packaging is concerned, I believe that it is similar enough to the tear open shampoo sachet to not be a flop. This sachet form of packaging has increased in popularity since the 1970s and is now used for other beauty products (Marinac, n.d.). The appeal is good for both consumers and producers since it cuts down on packaging costs and provides an environmentally conscious option.


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