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What is reentry and how does it affect the prisoner, the victim, and the community? Define and explain the various forms of supervised and mandatory supervision and/ or discretionary parole and the pros and cons of each. Explain the parole officer’s part in this process. How does a prerelease plan relate to the reentry? Support your points with information from the text, additional academic sources, and specific examples.

You are provided information on these topics in the assigned online readings and the additional resources posted for Unit 6 discussion. You should use all available sources and/or those you have located on your own in completing your Unit 6 Assignment paper. Your paper must include information from the text and three additional quality reference sources for a total of four reference sources. Effective use of each reference source is worth 10 points. Every time you submit a paper with fewer than four quality academic sources, you will lose points.

Your paper should be approximately 750 – 900 words. The paper must be in APA format.